14 May 2011

Spring photos

 kiddos on the quilt 4-19-2011 6-28-11 PM

Timothy and Anna on Anna’s quilt, courtesy of Grandma KathyTimothy 4-19-2011 6-34-51 PM

My goofball

  Easter egg hunt 4-23-2011 10-22-59 AM

At my aunt’s church for the Easter Egg Hunt

 Neges at the cross closeup 4-24-2011 12-06-08 AM

Timothy, Anna, and me in front of the blossoming cross on Easter morning – April 24, 2011

  birthday lilies with Timo 4-24-2011 7-31-22 AM

Timothy and me with my birthday lilies

looking at photo 4-24-2011 1-39-27 AM

My cousin Alyssa’s birthday gift was a framed photo she took at Thanksgiving of Timothy and me when I was pregnant with Anna.

mama & anna 4-24-2011 1-57-16 AM 

Anna the cutie! She looks so much like Timothy when he was this age!

anna petting a bunny 4-25-2011 5-30-36 AM

We got to visit a small animal farm with my aunt – bunnies, chickens, goats, and ducks!

timothy & goat 4-25-2011 5-42-12 AM