27 April 2010

A new path

When I started this blog four years ago, I was volunteering in an AIDS treatment program in Nigeria. Now, here I am in the States, forging a completely different path through completely different terrain. Is it time to close this blog and begin another? Or reshape it to fit the times?

Part of the issue is respecting our family’s need for privacy. So many of you, though, have asked that I keep you updated with specifics as often as possible. How do I balance these two? I’m not sure yet. I may start a new blog that is password-protected, or make this one password-protected – only for invited readers. Or I may send out a regular email. In any case, if you’re interested in hearing more about our adventures in a less-public arena, let me know with your email address, and I will figure something out.

And if you are entirely clueless, I do apologize, but as I said before, I am trying to be respectful of privacy and so can’t divulge our latest plans in such a public place. Email me! :)

Until then, happy trails!